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Dinner Menu

Please let your server know of any allergies or dietary restrictions

For The Table

Soups & Salads

Add to the below salads:
Grilled chicken $4.00 | Shrimp $6.00 | Salmon $7.00 | Steak $8.00

Burgers and Sandwiches

All sandwiches are served with shoestring fries


All entrees and traditions include a side salad



Happy Hour


Domestic Drafts


House Wine & House Liquor Mixed Drinks 


All Other Draught Beers

Half Price All Appetizers

Kids' Menu

All Kids' Meals served with Soda or Juice, & a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream or Chocolate Ice Cream.



Dessert Menu

Specialty Coffees & Ciders

Beers, Cocktails, Wine

Seasonal Offerings - Bea McNally's is proud to offer a wide range of seasonal craft beers to our customers.

Please see our beer insert to review our monthly & seasonal beer selections.

From The Barrel

Feeling A Draft - Wheat Beers

Cloudy and light in color and often containing notes of fruit, cloves and other spices.

Feeling A Draft - Lagers

Pale, golden, amber or dark in color with a smooth note of hops.

Feeling A Draft - Hard Ciders

Crisp and refreshing with hints of citrus.

Feeling A Draft - Ales and Pale Ales

Sweet, full-bodied and fruity, often with a slightly bitter finish.

Feeling A Draft - IPAs and Pilsners

Strong presence of hops and a pronounced, bitter finish.

All Bottled Up

Featured Cocktails

White Wines

Red Wines

Sparkling Wines


Catering Menu

Pick Up or Delivery






Please Contact Us for Dessert Selections!